Who Really Needs Help?

As it turns out, this little girl is bullying more than one child at school. Unfortunately, another parent has already pressed charges against her. It's strange, but my emotions have made a turn. My concern is for this child doing the bullying. She obviously needs help, yet not every bully can be helped. Many come from environments where there is no love or security. There may even be abuse in the home. Hmmm...what about the children? So many are crying out for help. Who is helping these children.

Stay tuned...Jaylan's bus rides turn into sex talk sessions


  1. You do have a point and some children act out in school how life is at home. My, my, my. I would like to meet this little girl and talk with her and see what's really going on inside her head. She just may need someone to talk to and just let out her frustration and anger. Now if she start throwing stuff, I'm gonna whup her tail.

  2. WHAT!!! Bus rides and sex don't mix. Oh Lawd!!