The Beginning

Son:  "I wish there was a school where nobody bothered anybody."

Mother: "I don't think that school will ever exist. Is someone bothering you?"

Son: "Yeah"

Mother: "What's going on?"

Son: eyes full of water  "They talk about my ears, my teeth, and my big head."

This was the beginning of finding out my dear son was getting bullied. Our conversation took place in the kitchen right before leaving to catch the bus - on the second day of school. I hated to send him out the door feeling the way he was, but I did. What I thought was simple, child-like behavior was not. What I thought would cease, continued.

My husband and I spoke with Jaylan daily about Bully X.  We wanted to know what was said and how he handled Bully X taunting him with those unkind words. Of course his teacher was informed and Jaylan personally spoke with the principal about Bully X.

We soon found out Bully X was a girl and immediately thought it might be a simple school girl crush.
We were somewhat relieved.

Fight Back?

A conversation we had one evening while driving home from football practice

Mother: "Have you thought about talking to Bully X?"

Son: "You know what? I think I will."

Mother: "What are you going to say?"

Son: "I'm going to tell her I'm not afraid to hit girls."

Jaylan's Demeanor

Anyone who knows Jaylan knows he is a sweet child full of compassion and he doesn't like to see others mistreated. When he mentioned hitting Bully X, I knew it was more serious than a school girl crush. Jaylan's tolerance was running out.

One thing about Jaylan many do NOT know is that Jaylan will blow up when he has reached his limit. His home nickname is The Julk - a cross between the Hulk and Jaylan. Yes, he can get that angry if you push the wrong  button.
Jaylan on the first day of school. He was so excited he asked me to take pictures of him.

Getting Physical

Although getting bullied, Jaylan comes home with a smile on his face every day. I carefully listen to his words and read his body language because I know he is emotionally bruised. 

One day I asked, as I always do, about Bully X. This particular day, Bully X had a friend (another girl) and they came behind Jaylan after school, hit him in his back, laughed and ran. I'm more than thankful that Jaylan didn't run behind the girls and beat the you know what out of them. Jaylan was taught not to hit girls under any circumstances. He was taught to walk away. Hmmm...should I rethink this training? Right now, I feel like finding this girl and beating the heck out of her myself. Yes, this was my initial reaction.....

Stay tuned...

Who Really Needs Help?

As it turns out, this little girl is bullying more than one child at school. Unfortunately, another parent has already pressed charges against her. It's strange, but my emotions have made a turn. My concern is for this child doing the bullying. She obviously needs help, yet not every bully can be helped. Many come from environments where there is no love or security. There may even be abuse in the home. Hmmm...what about the children? So many are crying out for help. Who is helping these children.

Stay tuned...Jaylan's bus rides turn into sex talk sessions