Getting Physical

Although getting bullied, Jaylan comes home with a smile on his face every day. I carefully listen to his words and read his body language because I know he is emotionally bruised. 

One day I asked, as I always do, about Bully X. This particular day, Bully X had a friend (another girl) and they came behind Jaylan after school, hit him in his back, laughed and ran. I'm more than thankful that Jaylan didn't run behind the girls and beat the you know what out of them. Jaylan was taught not to hit girls under any circumstances. He was taught to walk away. Hmmm...should I rethink this training? Right now, I feel like finding this girl and beating the heck out of her myself. Yes, this was my initial reaction.....

Stay tuned...


  1. If you find her, I will hold her down.

  2. I would think the same thing!
    I was taught that I was to NEVER throw the first punch, but my dad made it clear that if I could not walk away I was to defend myself with equal force. Never more.
    I walked away from many would have been fghts, but I also made a stand and did a little pushing back here and there to make sure I was made a target for all to pick on.

    It's so hard when your the one being bullied.
    And depending on how it's handled through the school, it can be made better and sometimes worse.
    My heart goes out to Jaylan. I'll send up a prayer that this is resolved soon.

  3. ok last comment should have said "to make sure I was NOT made a target for futher bullying.

  4. My son was bullied when we moved to a new town. He was ten. I gave him advice on how to handle, but the bullying got outta hand. I talked to the school. Nothing changed - actually the bullying got worse. I day I came home from work, and my son was scared to death. I changed my clothes and walked over to the parents' house. I told them that it had to stop.

    The next day, my son said the kids mocked me to him. So it turned out that it starts at home. The parents were the ones to blame for these kids' behavior.

    I grew up in the inner city, so I would have handled the situation differently, but my son was a good kid. So, I brought my nephews over for the weekend, the ones who live in the ghetto. They walked down the block with my son so these kids could see that he has a family. The bullying stopped after that.

    Long comment, I know. Your son looks like a good boy, and I'm sure he will get through this with your help.

    All the best,