The Beginning

Son:  "I wish there was a school where nobody bothered anybody."

Mother: "I don't think that school will ever exist. Is someone bothering you?"

Son: "Yeah"

Mother: "What's going on?"

Son: eyes full of water  "They talk about my ears, my teeth, and my big head."

This was the beginning of finding out my dear son was getting bullied. Our conversation took place in the kitchen right before leaving to catch the bus - on the second day of school. I hated to send him out the door feeling the way he was, but I did. What I thought was simple, child-like behavior was not. What I thought would cease, continued.


  1. Don't make me come to the school. I'll do it, you know I'll do it.

  2. Thank you for sharing this blog. My son goes to private school and they are heavy on character and have a NO TOLERANCE policy toward bullying. However, in South Carolina, we have an Anti-Bullying Law where parents can and have filed lawsuits against the family of the perpetrator in these cases. I encourage the parents that I educate to be their child's greatest advocate in the unfriendly and cruel world of the school system (in most cases). Keep getting the message out. It DOES make a difference!