Jaylan Gets Suspended

Well, it happened.

Jaylan has received ISS (In School Suspension) for hitting another student. Turns out that Jaylan was hit in the face with a glue bottle by this student and Jaylan lost control. Jaylan's ISS is because of  abusive behavior.
I just got the message from the school and I had to call my father to calm me down.

The school said this was 'out of character' for Jaylan and how surprised they were to see Jaylan in the office. Thank God.....your character speaks for itself, yet EVERYBODY has a limit - EVERYBODY. I can only imagine the environment in the class because they had a substitute. Hmmm...

I don't know the details, but I can't wait to see Jaylan after school to find out. Sigh...we thought we were finished since Bully X calmed down, and now this.

By the way, Bully X never received any cookies.


  1. This breaks my heart because it hits so close to home. I was bullied by 2 girls in school for a year...it all started over a boy (of course, right?!) Anyway, I reached my limit one day and threw my books down when they were picking on me and went at the biggest one with murder in my mind. Fortunately (for her or me?) All the kids gathered around and started chanting fight fight so a teacher heard and pulled us apart. I will say she never bothered me again. I have always taught my own children to never throw the first punch, but if you must hit due to bullying, etc then you better make an impact and make it count. I hate this for him. The schools can not control all the kids and bullying will happen. The way the bullied child deals with it will determine his/her fate unfortunately.

  2. So sorry your son is having to deal with this! I hate how much bullying goes on in public schools.
    I agree with Eally, I was taught never to throw the first punch but that I was allowed to defind myself and it was better to have a heck of a good hit than have to end up rolling around fighting! Maybe now that kid will leave him alone! I hope the other kid was punished as well!
    So sorry, tell him to keep his head up.