Sex Talk on the School Bus

If I had known Jaylan would be taught sex on the school bus, my husband and I would have saved our many talks on sex. Of course I'm being extremely sarcastic.

Jaylan came home one day saying a few boys were laughing at him because he didn't know certain sexual terms such as pulling, finger f$#%& girls, and a few others I refuse to mention. I explained to him that he has been taught correct sexual terms and the street terms were inappropriate. I didn't know some of the sex language myself, so how in the world was I going to teach it? It is so sad that eleven and twelve year olds are exposed to such language. Where does this come from? Home? If you say it comes from other children, they have to learn it from somewhere. It just doesn't fall from the sky.

Anyway, Jaylan was instructed to sit towards the front of the bus instead of the back of the bus, which is where trouble likes to start anyway. One of the boys laughing at him has been his friend for years and even told everyone on the bus that Jaylan liked boys instead of girls. You know what, I was happy this happened because it was an opportunity for Jaylan to realize everyone is not his friend.
He thinks because he is so friendly and caring, everyone else is. Now here is the kicker...the same little boy that told everyone Jaylan likes boys asked to spend the night at our house. Hmmm...another child obviously calling out for help. I go back to my question from a previous post...who really needs the help here?

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  1. Girrrrrrrlllllll, OMG. You are right, somebody at home is allowing their children to either listen to it or that's how they talk at home. Children don't just wake up and say, "I think I'll just talk about sex." The guy who asked to stay the night, my response would have been, "So if you think my son is into boys, what makes you think he won't touch you." Give the other boy a reality check. Children already have enough pressure as it is just trying to get in where they fit in and no they have to deal with this! My word!